The impact of videos on Digital Marketing is growing.

Internet users are fond of videos. The success of YouTube is well established and Facebook Live is gaining momentum. Some internet users don’t like to read long and complicated texts. Especially when they are on the move, they consume more short messages on their mobiles accompanied by powerful images.

The Facebook social network, through Facebook live, responds to current demand by allowing Internet users to broadcast live videos.

However, for commercial purposes, you have to know how to sell your Facebook video.

Here are 10 tips to optimize your Facebook Live.

I  dedicate this article to tips to optimize your Facebook Live and win new customers.

Facebook Live is used for businesses but also freelancers such as freelance trainers or consultants to make themselves known and attract new prospects.

To find customers, we often think that it is necessary to use social networks like Linkedin, or Facebook and in particular the Facebook Live functionality can have the same purpose.

When you make a Facebook video, whether it is broadcast through your company page or your personal profile, your objective is commercial:

You wish to publicize your expertise and your services (training, consulting, etc.),

You encourage your audience to visit your website to discover your offers.

Facebook live is an effective way to stand out from the competition in order to achieve awareness and action.

However, you must know how to use this tool in a relevant and professional manner in order to achieve your objectives.

1. Check your internet connection

It may seem basic to you … but it’s essential.

If your connection is poor, you will disrupt your audience and lose credibility.

My advice: if you connect by Wi-Fi, place yourself in a place with a strong signal to avoid an unpleasant surprise.

2. Test your video with the “me only” option

In the privacy settings, before broadcasting, you can choose who can see your videos. You have the choice between making it public or making it private.

In private mode, the video can be viewed by your friends, some friends or only by you.

First, we advise you to set the “me only” option to test the sound and image of your video.

Your goal is to be professional. Once the video has been made public or private and therefore visible to your friends, you have no room for error.

3. Communicate upstream on your Facebook Live

Use your company page, your personal account or your website to inform your customers of your live Facebook by giving them the date and time of the appointment.

You can also launch a teaser to grab the attention of your customers.

Another possibility: you can create an event on Facebook. This is a way of knowing the number of participants in advance. In addition, they will receive a reminder notification the day of your Facebook Live.

4. Introduce yourself several times

This point is particularly relevant when your video is made public.

Your interlocutors do not know you, and do not know what you are going to talk about.

Also, be aware that since your video is live, the viewer intervenes on the video at the very moment you speak.

If you only show up at the start, gradually arriving users may not know who you are.

Be careful not to catch yourself and not to show up every 2 minutes.

5. Show aesthetics

When people browse their news feed, they can see your video without audio. The latter is only triggered when the viewer clicks on the video.

So, to attract your customer, have a video with aesthetics.

If you use screen sharing, for example, your PowerPoint presentation or other presentation tool should be flawless, clear, and readable.

If you opt for selfie mode, dress appropriately according to the subject of your video.

Also favor a clear and neutral background which brings brightness and which also allows the spectator to follow you well without being disturbed by other elements located in the field of vision.

According to digit lab, 30% of internet users stop watching a video after 30 seconds.

So you have to be punchy and grab your customer’s attention very quickly.

Facebook takes into account several components to judge the effectiveness of your video on Internet users.

For example, turning on the sound or switching to full screen are factors showing interest in your video.

Facebook counts the number of spectators who carried out these actions. If the number is large, you are more likely to have the video appear in a newsfeed.

6. Create interaction

The specificity of Facebook live is to react instantly with your prospects.

So you have to put yourself in the position of a conductor.

It’s up to you to encourage your viewers to comment, like and share the video. The more your post is liked and shared, the higher your Facebook video will be classified and will appear in the users’ news feed.

So ask your viewers if they have any questions. Don’t hesitate as soon as you see a comment to take a little time to respond to it.

Another tip: call users by their first name. This creates intimacy between you and your interlocutor. Be careful not to become familiar either, you must above all remain professional.

If you use Facebook via your mobile phone, ask a loved one who knows the subject in the video beforehand to respond to the comments.

Indeed, on mobile, moderation is more complicated and you have much less visibility.

7. Build customer loyalty in the short and long term

In addition to asking them to like the video or react by leaving a comment, don’t hesitate to ask your viewers to subscribe to live notifications.

To do this, all they have to do is click on the small arrow pointing down and choose the option “activate notifications”. Again, they’ll be notified of each notification on your video if they can’t continue to follow it live.

Another request you can make to your target is to like your Facebook page if you have one. So your viewers stay informed of your news.

8. Put a link in description

In your description, add a link that Facebook users can go to.

Do not hesitate to add the link of your website or your training platform to make yourself known to your community.

9. Play your video as long as possible

Although a video can last up to 90 minutes, we recommend that you limit yourself to ten minutes.

Not all of your users are online when you start the video. A long-lived Facebook Live leaves enough time to capture as many prospects as possible.

10. Be natural

Be natural and able to interact live.

You cannot anticipate the comments of your Internet users and their reactions.

You have to adapt to them. In addition, by being natural, using your own gestures, you will more easily capture the attention of your audience than if you remain stoic.

Conclusion on 10 tips to optimize your Facebook Live

In conclusion, Facebook live is an effective tool in a content strategy.

However, you must use this tool appropriately.

Prepare your video beforehand by checking your internet connection, testing your video with the “me only” option and adjusting the frame of your video or by fixing your PowerPoint presentation in case of screen sharing. Also remember to communicate about this event on your Facebook page, your website and invite Internet users to be present on the date and time of your live Facebook broadcast.

Once you are live, do not hesitate to introduce yourself several times, to create interaction with your spectators and invite them to react to your video, like your Facebook page or to visit your website via the link that you will have put beforehand in your description.

Last but not least, stay natural. You are your own brand image and you need to be able to react to the various interactions that your video will generate.

The other trick to gaining customers on Facebook is to use Facebook Ads.

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