Khaled Abrar

Thanks for actually checking out my “about me” page! My name is Khaled Hossain Abrar and I’m a family man, but what can I say; I also really like business ideas. I’ve always had the “problem” of going after lots of different ideas – rather than focusing on just one.

This morning you got a precious gift of a brand new day. Make today better than yesterday – learn, grow, and be a great example for others. It’s possible!

Let’s get to know each other!
Hi, my name is Khaled Abrar.

I’m a Dad, Husband And An Internet Entrepreneur.

In 2015 I caught a dream of becoming an entrepreneur and create a lifestyle for myself and my family they truly deserve.

Since I’m from Bangladesh my name might seem a bit unusual. But it’s ok. I think we can still be friends.

Success doesn’t just find you. You have to go out and get it….

What i am doing

My experience in digital marketing began in about 2015. And now I’m mostly working with:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Digital Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • And all other related stuff

Honestly, I’m not an online marketing guru. But I love testing and experimenting with various strategies to drive traffic, attract new leads and convert them into loyal paying customers.

So I’ve created this blog. Not only so that I’d have the opportunity to learn new things, but to share it with the community as well.

As you are visiting my page, let me assure you that I am the perfect solution to your website to boost that up, to keep it in the competition, to develop its user experience and overall usability of a website. I am a Freelancer & Entrepreneur. And also am an SEO Expert, working as a Digital Marketer. Not only this, there are still more of me to reveal. Come with me.

My Story

My journey started in 2015, by establishing Xplanet Enterprise. It was my life’s climacteric point. From here I started my carrier as SEO expert and digital marketer.

But my carrier was running in a limited realm, I made an observation about people are moving obsessively towards information technology and most of their works are depended on it. The digital way of expanding your content, business, community or conversations via social media or websites have now its full growth and impact. And this realization made me grabbing this sector seriously.

In recent years, this profession has become my dream. It is an unavoidable part of my life. You can say, my passion has become my occupation now. I am committed and efficient to my work. My only venture in life is to establish myself as one of the successful crusaders of this valuable sector.

My Mission & Vision

When I started, I didn’t know then that I want to take digital marketing and SEO work so passionately. Whenever I realized the power of digital marketing or technologies and social contents that how they can transform our business as well as lives; now my mission and vision is to organize a successful campaign based on digital marketing, SEO works, Database Management, Social media manager and so many. I focus on offering my client to give the best performance of me.

In my past years, I have also learned properly on Affiliate marketing, like- how to work on it, how to earn by this side etc. Another mission is to enhance me as a crackerjack of affiliate marketing. And for this, I am step by step evolving freelancing agency for higher quality service of clients.

My Skills

I am so honored to present myself as a multi-skilled Freelancer. In the following, I have noted down some of my skills-

  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Database Management
  • Data Entry
  • Admin Support
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Social Media Manager
  • Advertising
  • Web Research
  • WordPress

My Work History

I have been related to this sector for the last four years. In this period of time, I have earned the opportunities to work with both native and foreign clients that helped me to spruce up in it. I have worked as a virtual assistant, social media manager, data entry operator, digital marketer, and SEO expert. Moreover, I am also running advertising campaign management, data management for my clients.

My Achievement

I have given four long years to this field and achieved minimal success in the era of Information and technology. Working with native clients encourages me more to deal with hard projects. And the foreign clients have to boost up my confidence level. My customers are my first priority. And with my sincerity and efficiency, I was always able to make them satisfied with my work.

You can see my clients review on the page.

My Promise

All I believe in is only good work and for that, I am on constant development. It is my target to provide my clients best in best service with no return objection. And until you are happy with my submitted project, I am here to re-correct or modify that again and again.

I have made myself properly ready for SEO and digital marketing job. And each day I am furbishing my talent by keeping it in practice. So, it is my firmed promise to my client that they will get the better service from me.