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How can you check Google’s Keyword Seasonality?

People start working on seasonal keywords without checking anything. Not only newbies but also experienced people do the same mistake.

When you have a good budget or you’re experienced enough, it may not affect that much but it may frustrate newbies when they don’t get expected sales or service. I have seen a lot who gave up.

So if you don’t want to get yourself in such situations, you’ll have to check Seasonality before you start working on it.

Let me have some suggestions for you from my little experiences.

Formula 1: Google Trends


Many of you may have known about this tool that helps to search the daily ‘hotcakes’ that means ‘trends’. It is ‘Google Trends’.

As an example, you can find out the people’s requirements from this website that how their choices are changing, how something is becoming more interesting to the people or decreasing its popularity. Those statistics during a particular time will be shown to you.

Again you can check up Niche there, increase as well as decrease.

Formula 2: Keyword Finder


Even if it’s a keyword research tool, I purchase its subscription to check seasonality or trend. I find its graph comparatively satisfactory than other tools.

It may not win heart so early but if you keep using, you’ll fall in love with it.

You’ll be glad hearing that even it’s a paid tool, you can search for some keywords. There you’ll get its trend as well as data.

Formula 3: Word Tracker


It’s not a free tool and it’ll let you visit some keywords and relevant data. You have chances to find out Seasonality from here.

After a search when you’ll get your desired keyword, click on the graph.

♦ Now you can use all these three if want or choose one amongst them. Usually, I check with Keyword Finder. If I ever feel any need to check it twice, I use Google Trends. But I mentioned Word Tracker too because it will let you collect some more free data when the quota of rest two are consumed.

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