Social media has become one of the most effective marketing tools and channels of this century. Businesses and organizations are always on the verge of looking for more clients to increase their sales and revenue and while cutting on cost. Marketing on social media is relatively cheaper than engaging in other channels and has value for efforts invested in it. Scrolling, posting, and liking pictures on Instagram is fun, but did you know through your popularity and influence you can get paid for it? Instagram influencers are people who brands hire to promote their products and services, and through their popularity and massive following, they attract business and get paid for it.

You can become an Instagram influencer and, through your active membership, get paid to promote brands. While you do this, you must choose that you have a passion for so that you work with brands that are in your line of interests. Creativity is also required from you and quality post so that your page is attractive to your target audience. Influencer marketing on Instagram allows you to work with big brands that will occasionally hire you and promote their products on your page. It’s important to keep your page as a public or business profile so that you do not limit those who can see your feeds.

Now, you do not have to stay on your phone all day scrolling, posting, and liking on Instagram, but instead, you can become a paid influencer. Your Instagram page will be more attractive than before through the awesome pictures of hired photographers brands hire you to promote them. You do not have to be verified to get employed by them but is an added advantage. However, later on, through your influence, you can get verified because people will develop an interest in your influence and the fact that you are becoming more popular in promoting these brands. As an influencer, you can get paid for promoting brands through affiliate marketing, brand ambassador, advertisement, and many other ways.

How to become paid as an influencer

Social media has become one of the most cost-friendly and effective marketing platforms for brands and companies that sell products and services. You can use this as an opportunity to promote brands and earn good money through your influence on social media platforms. Instagram allows you to post pictures and scroll as you have fun seeing what others are doing daily. Instead of sitting down, scrolling, and posting, why not use your influence on Instagram and make some good cash. Influencers have lots of following on Instagram, and thus they have a wide reach-out.

How do you make money as an influencer? Here is a guide to influencer marketing on Instagram and how you become paid for it:

1. Advertising

Brands are looking for cheaper options to advertise themselves, and thus through your influence on Instagram, you can be of great help to them. It would help if you had both a blog and youtube channel for this so that you can include descriptions and long advert videos to promote the brand. Instagram will not allow long videos, but you can always work with short advert videos, tagging the brand and creative captions about the brand with a link that will drive traffic to the companies page. You need to use high quality and pictures for this because they are attractive and will undoubtedly draw attention to your audience, who will likely be potential clients to the brand you are promoting.

2. Affiliated marketing

As an influencer, you can sell products through your popularity on Instagram on behalf of the company. It allows you to earn a commission each time a purchase is made via your link or code attached to the product you are promoting online. It perfectly fits beauty, fitness, health, and lifestyle products, which are easy to purchase and thus can be a good starting point for you. Affiliate marketing allows you to easily target your clients because you can designate what products they like. Therefore your influence and willingness of your followers to buy determine your pay.

3. Events

Influence on Instagram can add to numbers turning up to an event. Event organizers will want the best of squads turning up for the affair and may hire you for an appearance so that they can draw attention to how good the event will be. People today do not want to go to an event with no famous people because it is not as fun as seeing your favorite Instagram star on the same event you are in. You can, therefore, make money only by showing up to an event, meet and greet, take pictures with your followers all because you in one way or another promoted the event turn up numbers.

Tips on how to become a good influencer and get paid for it

Influence on social media does not have to be something you sit back and enjoy only. You can become paid as an influencer for it through your popularity on Instagram, which is an idea you should not leave behind. Companies and organizations are always on the verge of looking for a way to get their products and services know to their target market and thus may hire or contract you due to your influence on social media. Getting paid as an influencer will mean that you work side by side with brands by posting, tagging, and writing captions about the brands that you are working for.

What does it take to become an influencer and get paid for it? You need to have and do the following:

1. Choose a niche you are passionate about

Passion will always lead to great results, and thus you need to choose your niche wisely. What are you willing to promote online? Find a niche that suits your personality and traits, and therefore it will be easy for you as an influencer. If you gained your influence online through modeling, promoting beauty, health, clothing, and fitness products will be no issue for you. It would help if you showcased what you are good at so that brands can choose you as an influencer marketing on Instagram for them. It’s also crucial that you stay consistent by posting regularly and what your audience expects from you. Do not keep on switching because you will have them confused and also makes you look undecided.

2. Keep your profile public

As an influencer, you need to make yourself as public as possible on social media. It’s therefore essential to not make your account private but instead let it have no restrictions on who can see what you post. If possible, make it a business account because it will be your place of business where clients and brands can reach you. Keeping your account private limits the number of people who can see your photos, stories, IG Tv, and feed, which is not suitable for you as an influencer. You will be promoting brands to a broad market, which should not only be the followers you have but also all active members of Instagram.

3. Choose the right hashtags

Hashtagging draws attention to your page and generates traffic at the same time. It’s therefore vital that you use the right hashtags at all accurate times. Hashtags allow other Instagram users to find you on Instagram quickly and also will enable you to gain a massive following, thus more considerable influence. While you are promoting brands on Instagram, also use popular hashtags that will see to it that you reach out to a massive audience online. While doing so, do not handpick hashtags because of their popularity, but instead, choose those that are relevant to what you post as well.

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