The three main components of Content SEO are:

1. Key Word Strategy

2. Site structure and

3. Copywriting

I have written about this before and the first step has been to write about Keyword Strategy.

Why Site Structures Are Important: Site Content is the Second Important Step of SEO Content. There are two main reasons why site structure is important for ranking.

✓✓ A good site structure helps Google get rankings: Your site structure will direct Google to where important content is. Site structure helps search engines understand what your site really is and thus search engine finds index content according to the site’s purpose. By creating this type of structure, you can add content that contains links to others so that other pages get ranking. The structure of your site will also link to other pages on the site. The quality of content on a commercial site serves as a boost to the ranking as well as the sales page.

✓✓ Good structure ensures you are not competing with your content SEO. Your website has many articles on the same topic. For example, I wrote many posts about jackfruit on my website, but how will Google understand which is more important if I clear all of the site structure. If you do not give up it will be competing with your article to get the top ranking in Google. So to solve this problem, internal linking should be done which increases the chances of getting the top ranking.

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