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I created a content regarding UpWork. There some of you had opinions about cover letter. I would like to share some ideas, generated from my experiences though the experts can provide more information and guide you into easier ways.  I’m here just to write about some experiments that actually work.

First Point: You must go through the whole post. If you think the given task is easy enough without checking it up properly, you’re about to miss the project, either the client won’t knock you.

Your client may specify a word that the article must be started with it. Your work is going to be wasted completely when you have completely missed the point.

Second Point: You shouldn’t address your client as “sir/madam” as in Europe or America, they are very much habituated to call each other with their names, not this kind of titles. Then what can you do?

Then you may call them by their names. If you can’t find where their name is written then check out the screenshot below:

Go to the client’s review. Then you’ll see there’s somebody who has called them by their name. If you still have no idea, then check a few more reviews to be confirmed.

Why should you do that?

When you call your clients by their names, they’ll find you to a bit more experienced as you’ve managed to manage their name. This should be your advantage to get closer to the client.

– Again you may search for your client’s time zone on Google and tell them ‘Good morning’ or ‘Good evening’ to prove yourself smart.

– When you’re done with introductory things, you may start with a question so that they find you to be smarter. Let me clear it for you – suppose, your client has lost traffic in last google update but they haven’t mentioned it, rather have said that they need to increase it.  You may ask about it at the beginning of your cover letter that when they have lost it — in June’s core update or before?

If they’ve lost in core update then they’ll have some work to do to fix it [you may talk about the points mentioned in update]. Though you’re a newbie but give them a thought that you’re not.

Again they may need “backlink” but haven’t mentioned much about it. Search for a site quickly, provide data from “ahrefs” and ask them whether or not those link will help them.

The thing is notable that you’ve already talked about what they were going to. That will make you smarter again.


– Never beg to your client for a job. Even if you own a new profile, act like you’re not. Many talks as if they are beggars. Even they talk like — “Badly I need this job, Please consider me, Let me get the chance to build up my career.” Never do that.

– Handle your clients smartly and make them impressed with your attitude. Never try to impress them with an imaginary hope. It would affect negative, even the opposite of what you’re expecting from them.

A little recommendation – The title you want to use in your profile, select it so that it matches with what you’re actually skilled at. Do a little bit of research on it before setting it up.

These two screenshots are collected from a couple of experts’ account.

Research your title carefully. Look carefully at the keyword of each title. Visit experts’ profiles. You may search on Google about “Top rated designer/SEO expert in UpWork”. As you have got a concept, now decide the title for yourself.

Your profile rank depends on your keyword. Most of the time, clients search by “Designing expert/SEO expert” to find an accurate person. That’s why many workers having new profiles may rank higher.

Last of all, never bid aimlessly. Don’t bid for more than one job in 3 days. Bid for only one if it fits with you, your capabilities.

I hope we’ve discussed enough for now. Try harder and never lose hope. Best wishes. Drop your comments if you have any queries.

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