What is Key Word Research?

Keyword research can be used to create a list, where there are key words to get ranking. Search engines usually use a bunch of keyframes to search, and all SEO experts recommend using keywords, but that doesn’t mean they are just words to say a keyword. The key word in this case is not just a word in a sentence.

The long keyword is a little too precise and often not seen because it’s based on a niche. Specific keywords are long but easy to get ranked by search term. Usually so a little long keyword is always used.

Focus key phrase is the word or phrase that you want your text to rank for. You need to add focus key words to the SEO plugin’s meta box.

And search intents are all things that searchers are looking for, not just a few words, but to identify a specific goal that the searcher wants to know or wants to buy.

Keyword Strategy:
Keyword strategy is the decision that we use to do keyword research that will help to get the strategy ranking. Each content creation process starts with Keyword Strategy, because in order to increase traffic you need to know what Audience is looking for. Keyword research will help you find the target, the things that you should aim at to get the ranking.

3 Steps to Keyword Strategy

1. Setting goals first

2. Creating a list that will find the key word related information

3. Examine the purpose of the search

4. Then create a landing page for the key wards.

If you learn how to do keyword research properly, you will have a clear idea of ​​the type of people working and how to find a page on your website. These clear concepts will act as a guide for writing content on your website.