Blogs are the most popular way of writing in the present world because the way you write, whether you write in my booklet, book page or social account, it will be lost if you do not update and care. And after a while, people will definitely stop reading. But writing on blogs that are in search engines doesn’t have any limits for your readers, reading your writing from anywhere in the world even when you are not on earth. Therefore, blogs refer to an article that is connected to the Internet. The word blog starts with web + log.

There are blogs of 500 words on the internet but a standard blog focusing on rankings, readership, etc. starts from 1000 words. Of course, the purpose of learning is to expose ourselves to others, and the writing we do not want anyone else to read becomes a diary. Therefore, diaries should never be viewed without the permission of others. Different types of blogs have different writing formats. However, there is an excellent quality blog

1. Meaningful and standard heading

2. Plain and simple language

3. Paragraphs or paragraphs with subheadings

4. Informational content

5. Attractive picture graphics

6. Organic Writing

৭. Bullet, numbering, bold text

8. An ideal ending.

One of the advantages of writing a blog is that the author writes it for his or her readers, so it is always addressed to the middle man or 2nd person. So while reading the reader, it seems as if the author is sitting right in front of him. Therefore, blogs are written with normal speaking words where there is no seriousness. And this feeling compels the reader to talk to the author.

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