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I will discuss some of the reasons why your Facebook account is blocked. This account block is called Facebook Jail. Don’t be afraid if your account is temporarily blocked, it means you are virtually in jail.

Your personal Facebook account is a great asset in and of your own resources. Which is to say your online asset. For many, business related is one of the most important things. But it’s not just for the cellar but for the general customer. That means to get the right information.

Keeping your account safe by following a few rules.

1. Not posting the same post to different groups at the same time. This type of behavior is identified as spam on Facebook. If you do the extra work, ID does not matter.

To avoid this problem, take a 5 minute break between each post.

2. Use original content.

If you use copy-pasted content and Original Content Honor reports against your ID to Facebook. But the issue is certainly not good for your ID.

And the use of images or images with content should be careful. No problem if you take a picture of yourself. However, there may be a problem when using a Google discarded image (which you may have saved earlier).

One more thing is not to use a site image. Here are the licenses. There are many sites where free pictures are available.

3. Avoid being tagged in excessive terms. This rule applies not just to the group but to your personal profile. And refrain from tagging strangers in any content or image.

This is because people can report your ID for this tag annoyance. And that’s 30, Facebook won’t think twice to block your ID.

4. Don’t add strangers to a group you know. Because if you do not accept this request, Facebook may consider you as spam. So it is good for your ID to not add to a group without the permission of a known or a stranger.

5. Do not open personal accounts in the name of business pages. Because these two completely different things or Facebook’s rules are different. Facebook page is enough for the business.

And using your personal account, you can open and run more business pages with the right information.

6. Do not behave like aspammer. That means your ID is not faked, but if your behavior is similar to Fake ID then it does not take long to get blocked. All that needs to be done in order not to be blocked.

* Strangers should stop sending friend requests. If you do not have a connection with the strangers, after sending the request, they delete it, you will be identified as Facebook as spam.

* Of course, send a request to acquaintances who know you well.

* Many are commenting on a group post or making a business page promotion or link share. This is subject to the violations of the Group Rules and other members may report your ID. That means if you ban the group more than you do the work on the banner from Facebook.

7. There are many people on Facebook who like to do different types of dirty work called “dirty game player”. Simply put, those who like to troll.

You or your profile can be a victim of this troll at any time. If anything, block all those IDs as much as possible. They will not be able to see your post in it and neither will you. However, if you face any problem, you can check their personal profile and report their ID and you can explain the reason for your complaint in the complaint box. You will be in the safe zone.

8. In the previous post I said that your ID does not fax, but if you use Facebook as spam, block the ID. Here is another thing to say about spam -bot.

This spam-bot is a message that when we message on a page, we get a greeting text from the page called programmatic language system of the chat-bot function. I’ll post about it tomorrow.

So if you repeatedly massage on that page. After a while, your page identifies your ID as spam and removes you from the page. Who knows this whole thing is spam- bot. Here you can say Facebook is also known as spam.

9. Stop posting like crazy. Many people post on the page for hours. That’s not fair at all. There is no saying that the cell will be higher if you give more than the post. It’s best to post 5-7pm every day. If you do more then Facebook is ready to punish you.

10.About Facebook give the option as much information as possible. This is good not only for personal ID but also for business because as your business grows, the transparency of information on Facebook needs to be avoided in the future.

11. Using Shorthanded Links We share links to personal profiles on the page or in multiple groups. Here in the previous post I said that sharing the same link in more groups can cause problems. Use the shorthand link for that. You can use wo.me / bit.ly or goo.gl with the URL you use. It is easy to beware of being spammed.

These simple rules can protect your ID from being blocked. And of course, try to follow Facebook Low. This will keep your profile safe, as well as you.

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