Did you know that more than 70% of Internet users and mobile users never consult the second page in search engines? This single statistic makes it possible to understand the importance of natural referencing, in order to be able to reach the first page in Google, Yahoo or others …

We are talking about SEO for Search Engine Optimization, or natural referencing … If you created your website in Switzerland, this is inevitably a term that you could not miss. And for good reason, in perpetual evolution, the natural referencing which one could define by the fact of positioning his site on the targeted keywords and improving its position in the search engines is essential to the success of your site Internet.

What is SEO, or SEO?

We define SEO, or natural referencing by all the techniques used to allow you to improve your visibility on the Internet, and therefore improve traffic.

Faced with an increasing number of websites, to exist, more than ever, a website must be indexed in search engines. In other words, it must appear for precise searches typed by Internet users.

There are different areas on which to act to improve the referencing of your website:

The content of your pages (articles, page, landing page, product sheet)

Image optimization (alt attribute of your photos …)

Improving your parameters and your infrastructure (crawl optimization, domain name, URL of your pages …)

Optimization through net linking and external links

SEO then allows you to go up on Google’s search pages (or other search engines), in order to attract new prospects, reach your target and therefore increase your turnover and / or reach goals you have set for your digital adventure…

If Google alone accounts for more than 90% of the searches carried out on the Internet, many of you confuse SEO and Google’s directives… And yet, natural referencing does not apply only to the web giant, but to all other search engines too!

8 reasons to focus your strategy on SEO in 2020

  1. Natural referencing is free!

Unlike the other communication systems implemented, in particular paid referencing or advertisements on social networks, natural referencing is a completely free process! No need to pay advertisers for your Google SEO, it is by publishing optimized content that you improve your position in search engines.

More so, for the implementation of SEO strategy or even keyword research, there are now many free tools on the net, just like you find many tutorials to improve the parameters of your site and therefore its natural referencing !

2.  Attract quality traffic

Take the example of an online cosmetic store to illustrate this point. By being content with paid referencing, this site will certainly be able to have visits, but nothing says that people who will click on affiliate links will be interested in the site and its products …

Result? Hundreds of visits, for very limited session durations. On the other hand, with natural referencing, you are certain that the people who will come to visit your site will do it following a search typed in the Google bar, here, such as “buy makeup” or even “accessories make up“…3..

3. Improve your conversion rate and increase your turnover

To optimize your website, it is not enough to simply publish optimized content on the keywords you are targeting. In reality, there are many other parameters to take into account: site loading time, optimization of sales pages, improvement of the user experience …

All these improvements allow you to fully meet the expectations of your users and prospects. If they are more likely to come to your site, thanks to the quality traffic, this then leads to an increase in the number of sales, and therefore in your turnover

4. Find your place against the competition

Every day, new sites are being created, perhaps your direct competitors … In addition, with the new consumption habits brought by the digital revolution, your customers no longer hesitate to place orders abroad …

To achieve your success on the Internet, it is therefore essential to successfully position yourself in the face of competition.

By implementing a quality natural SEO strategy, by positioning yourself on strategic keywords (different from those used by your most direct competitors), you will be able to stand out and reach your target!

In this perspective, neglect its natural referencing, it almost amounts to leaving its market shares to the competition ..

5. Boost your brand image

According to the various studies carried out, it does not take more than 7 seconds for a user to get an idea on your website. If he likes it, he can then become your client. Otherwise, it will only take a short time to click on the little cross at the top right of its screen, never to return.

Slightly optimized site, loading time too long, poor quality content or poor browsing experience, if SEO leaves nothing to chance, then it allows you to position yourself as a dynamic business on the Internet! A detail that can sometimes be enough to make all the difference!

6. Quality content for your readers

Natural referencing pushes you to publish quality, flawless and optimized content. So by taking care to create quality blog posts (for example), you not only position yourself on certain keywords, but you can also meet the needs of your readers.

Information on the use of your products, advice related to your universe, a way to develop your community, while building on your professional legitimacy!

7. A sustainable and long-term strategy

In terms of natural referencing of your website, there are more than 200 different criteria on which you can impulse to improve your site … A job to glimpse over the long term, with multiple implications certainly, but whose effectiveness is felt the long term…

8. Natural referencing to develop a community

Thanks to natural referencing, to the publication of quality content, you gradually get new visitors to your site … If they like it within your universe, they will then be tempted to return, to share your articles and products on social networks, thus helping to create a real community around your online activity!

SEO and Google, regular updates …

Since more than 90% of searches are done on Google, it is important to fully consider the expectations of this giant when we want to optimize its site … Indeed, Google’s algorithm, responsible for analyzing your site and move up or down in search pages, is modified several times a year…

More so, since SEO is a constantly improving process, it is important to take the time to learn about the new SEO guidelines. Indeed, what was enough to optimize a site 5 years ago, is no longer enough at all today, even worse, it can even be completely exceeded and negatively impact your website.

If today, the trend in natural referencing is going towards data security or even Google’s mobile first, nothing says that it will be the same by next year, quite the contrary! It is therefore important, and more careful for your success on the Internet, to stay informed about the new SEO guidelines, which also helps to better understand user expectations and therefore to be able to fully meet them!

How to improve the natural referencing of your website? (5 tips)

This is a question that could be debated for long hours … Indeed, natural referencing is a very complete process! However, to help you quickly improve your position in the search engines, together, let’s come back to 5 tips to apply to improve the SEO of your site!

. Publish quality content

We start with the basics: the publication of optimized content. Whether it’s your blog posts, or your product listings, not to mention your individual pages, it’s important that your content is optimized. For this, ideally, we recommend targeting around twenty keywords and expressions.

Then, you will try to position each page on a different keyword. Natural referencing also includes the idea of ​​a certain regularity in your editorial line. It is therefore important to publish quality content, on a recurring basis, or even more to set up an editorial line designed for your natural referencing!

  • Be vigilant about the hierarchy of your site

A website is a variable number of pages. These must be properly optimized to meet Google’s expectations in particular. For this, you will be vigilant with the referencing of the mother pages (pages with central themes) and of the “daughter” pages (which result from this).

You will also have to make sure to set up a structure which makes it possible to reinforce the importance of the main themes, so that Google’s algorithm can understand the essential points of your site!

  • Optimization by page titles and URLs

It is often overlooked in SEO and yet it is an essential aspect. For referencing your website, you will therefore not only have to make sure to put optimized titles forward on your different pages, but also to configure the titles of your URLs including keywords.

  • To write an optimized title, you must: a fully unique title

Do not exceed 60 characters including spaces

Put the keyword at the beginning if possible

The internal mesh of your site and the placement of links!

For your site to be well referenced on Google, or other search engines, you will need to make sure to insert internal links on your pages. This is called internal mesh (or “internal linking” in English). This makes it easier for your users to navigate. Example: on a blog article, insert a link (paying attention to the anchor used) to another article or product on your online sales site.

  • The meta description tag for each of your pages and articles

The meta description tag is very important in natural referencing. This text, comprising 160 characters maximum (although variable depending on the mood of Google) allows to inform readers, as well as Google robots on the subjects and information mentioned in each of your pages.

If your meta description tag is well informed, it can help you improve your traffic; not to take them into consideration in your SEO strategy is to take the risk of a false display in the pages of search engines!


You have now understood all the importance of natural referencing for the success of your website, and by extension of your project… Compared to other countries, Switzerland is today behind on the concepts of SEO which are still few used by entrepreneurs across the country.

However, unquestionably, natural referencing is one of the most promising methods, allowing many advantages. To neglect it, is therefore to accept that the competition seduces your prospects and your customers …

To support professionals from all walks of life, there are now new web professions. By calling on an SEO professional, you could then assess your SEO, with a natural SEO audit and / or obtain valuable advice on the digital strategy to deploy…

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